I had hoped for a transformational course with Eva and Visionpur and I was not disappointed.

I found every moment useful: the 4 days passing in perfect rhythm, with each activity enabling me to better understand myself, and find strengths in my weaknesses and weakness in my strengths. All of which led me to a greatly improved capacity to be true to myself and to others; kinder to myself and to others; and deal more effectively with problems: which, it turns out for me, means having faith and letting go, and switching off and out emotionally; using my head less and trusting my intuition more. This is not the end of my personal journey, but Eva’s gentle insistence coupled with a beautifully structured course; challenging, yet easy activities; a supportive, calming atmosphere; and several revelatory sessions with the horses have had a profound impact on me and moved me forward in several huge leaps. I can’t wait to continue this exciting journey with the horses as my guide and Eva as facilitator. Special thanks also to Ruth for some unforgettable moments.


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